Return and Save Initiative

Return and Save Initiative


Return and SAVE 

Closing the circle of responsibility 

We have made our garments to last however from a style point of view we are only too aware that you may be craving the latest version!  You may find it difficult to justify buying another shirt when you have a perfectly good one hanging in your closet!  We would like to help solve this dilemma by 'closing the circle of responsibility' for the garments we create.  You can simply return your Ginger Elliott garment to us for a trade in!  We will take care of recyclling for you and give you $25.00 store credit & FREE shipping on your next purchase from us!  We will donate your shirt to our chosen charity and you can have piece of mind that your old garment will go on to to see many more wears or if it's a bit tired its parts will be re used and put back into production. 

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