Ginger Elliott

'Boy meets Girl' - First collection from designers Sarah Hargrave (Ginger)  and Nicole Elliott (Elliott) 

Pursuing the ethos of slow fashion, quality over quantity and the longevity of garments, Sarah and Nicole have created this collection to be reminiscent of men’s fine tailored shirts. Designed for women to be worn day or night, season after season, Ginger Elliott’s boyfriend shirts embody the ‘classic’ style, whispering of good taste, careful design and meticulous production. 

Tailored in our signature oversized boyfriend fit the shirts are stylish and practical, immune to trends or time, they are as reliable and genuine as a best friend. Designed and crafted with the utmost care, every tiny detail has been a conscious decision made with beauty and exclusivity in mind.

Our fabrics are 100% pure Egyptian cotton sourced from a premium supplier in Northern Italy, an exclusive family owned mill established over a century ago, with touches of Liberty Print fabrics. 

Last but by no means least; Ginger Elliott is passionate about supporting the local manufacturing industry.  Every shirt is designed by Sarah and Nicole, and hand made in a small number locally in Sydney. 

You will not see any plastic used in our packaging we endeavor to use only recycled paper in line with our promise to produce shirts that are environmentally responsible and low impact.

The Ginger Elliott boyfriend shirt does not date, rather as it collects the years and wears, it only gains in value to the wearer – This is slow fashion – This is Ginger Elliott.